Home Staging Services


Full or Partial Staging

   Vacant homes are a tough sell! They come across as cold and uninviting, and leave buyers confused as to proper function and layout.  Furniture placement, accessories,and rearrangement to create points of emphasis within your home. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms will all be staged in showcase condition




   Redesign is the art of decorating your home by shopping from items you already own as well as recommending additions to further enhance your living space.

Redesign provides similar services of an interior designer but at a much lower investment.  Maybe you're moving, but want a fresh, updated look for your home?  Our visit will provide helpful suggestions using your own furniture and décor where possible.  I will make changes as needed by moving existing furniture, 're-purposing' items, and rearranging artwork and accessories.

Recommendations will be made for any items to be purchased that we feel would help 
bring your home's décor up to date and help you fall in love with it all over again.




   A walk-through of the entire property, inside and out, looking at everything from curb appeal to wall color and furniture 
placement, making recommendations as to what changes and updates need to be made.

All suggestions keep in mind what will 
achieve the greatest impact and 'bang for your buck'. I will sit down and discuss your goals and address any questions you may  have. Homeowners are encouraged to take notes for future reference. I will be happy to answer any questions at no extra charge via phone or email during your staging process.




I very much enjoy what I do and it is truly my first priority to help you get a sold sign on your home.